With    you can own time

Buy, collect and earn DATES in the Metaverse 
with the First NFT perk that allows you to possess TIME 

Don’t be hasty, launch will take place on
Jan 20th 2022

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
(Steve Jobs)

Why is  revolutionary?

1. Own timE

Now you can buy Time in the Metaverse, literally. Whether it is a historical date like the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon or a date of significance to you like your child’s birthday now you can own it forever and secured into the blockchain.


2. Go Beyond Collectibles: PILE UP UtilitIES

The first original project that bridge your NFT to the real world but also take advantage of the Extratime perk, you will have more & more earning opportunities during the staking, p2e and events with the most famous project in the Metaverse.

3. You are part of a bigger picture

Each NFT in its singularity intimately unites its owner with the chosen date. However as each date and therefore each NFT are linked to the previous and following, combined together they bring to life a sort of creature, a web of synapses that keeps expanding as new ones attach to the existing ones. Our artist Simone has created this and we can’t wait to reveal it fully to our holders! 


1. Own timE

 is the first NFT that allows you to literally buy time. Yes! It is not a dream and yes there is more than this…

Your father or Maradona’s birth datefrom today you can own it forever!

Imagine how many people will want to own your date and how much the launch date of bitcoin will be worth in 2025?


Snoop Dog Birth Date

alt text here


Moon Landing Date

alt text here


Maradona Birth Date

alt text here


The Birth of Bitcoin

alt text here


2. Go Beyond Collectibles: PILE UP Utility


Moving beyond speculation towards real world application.
NFT bridges the physical world. In addition to secured your date on the blockchain, the buyers of Legendary Dates will receive the TimeVerse Mirror inside which they will have guarded their precious dates. The Mirror will be shipped in the quarter 2 of 2022 to the owner of the dates belonging to the Legendary category.

Tech Specs of the device: Smart Mirror exclusive branded by TimeVerse, 23.62″ x 31.5″ (inches), Touch & Voice Control, Smart Home Control, Google PlayStore, iOS & Android compatible.



 NFT are not only to be collected but by owning one of them you will earn Extratime in the metaverse. How many times have you  enjoyed earning money, attending events or playing a game and have wished those moments would never end?

Don’t worry, you will not lose your TimeVerse NFT after using it to have ExtraTime!

You know, Time is money!

3. You are part of a bigger picture

For the realization of this work Simone’s inspiration is found in the magnificent illustrations by Ernst Haeckel, German zoologist, naturalist and artist born on February 16th, 1834, in Potsdam who discovered, described and named thousands of new species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life forms, and coined many terms in biology, including ecology.



Our rarity system is divided in 5 categories depending on the importance of different events that occurred on that day or on future algorithm calculation.
The Days are divided in terms of importance in Legendary, Common, Special, Super rarity, Famous Date and…Ghost!


3660 Unique piece of History and algorithms bets of the Future!



January, 20th 2022
Exclusive 7 days window to mint before Public Sale You can mint up to 10 Timeverse NFT (because the only whales we love are those of the sea!)


Don’t be hasty, launch will take place on
Jan 20th 2022

Every  NFT bought during the pre sale will be randomly assigned and will be revealed just before the public sale. The buyers will immediately receive their minted NFT into their wallet.


Jan, 28th 2022 on OpenSea

COMMON: price 0.06 ETH
FAMOUS: price 0.12 ETH
SUPER RARE: price 0.25 ETH
GHOST: price 0.35 ETH
LEGENDARY: price 0.5 ETH

Don’t be hasty, launch will take place on
Jan 20th 2022


Q4 2021: TimeVerse Origin
  • Genesis of the TimeVerse project
  • Creation of the masterpiece by the selected artist Simone
  • Launch of the website
Q1 2022: The new era of Time possession
  • Giveaways of famous date 
  • Jan 20th Pre Sale/Minting
  • Jan 27th Public Sale
  • Revealing of the complete list of events on the basis of which a date has been inserted into one of the five categories.
Q2 2022
  • Starting partnership with famous NFT project 
  • Revealing of the full art work 
  • Disclosure of the detailed ranking of the entire collection, based on the five dates categories but algorithmically generated. A Common date will always have a ranking position lower than a Legendary one but two Common dates will have different ranking positions
  • Technology application in the real life trough special device branded TimeVerse. Shipment of the TimeVerse Mirror to the owner of Legendary Dates
Q3 2022: Conquer the Metaverse
  • Smart contract migration
  • Release EXTRATIME Token
  • In person party for holders in Lisbon
Q4 2022
  • Play to earn game revealing
  • TimeVerse merchandise
  • TimeVerse Convention in LA
Q1 2023
  • Launch of Calendar Timeverse Database
  • Partnership to display hystorical events in calendars of mobile devices newsfeed


Simone is the artist responsible for creating our pixel perfect TimeVerse, Simone was born in 1988, is a graphic designer and illustrator, he likes to draw in general using any medium. He’s part of the White Lands Art Gallery’s crew


Marketing manager


Graphic designer


Blockchain developer


Gallerist and NFT expert


TimeVerse is an NFT collection that allows to own a specific date in the present, past or future. Is the first project that allow to buy time in Metaverse and obtain that date as digital art NFT.
In addition to this, TimeVerse owners will have Extratime in the Metaverse most famous projects. Every owner will become part of our community and decide the sort of our precious time.

The minting price is 0.03 ETH each and the minting will take place on our website, keep an eye on our minting date  on discord, twitter and our website.

No worries if you aren’t able to mint your TimeVerse Date because the public sales will take place on OpenSea on January the 27th.

The purchasing process has a section of its own – How To Buy – on our website, we kindly refer you to this page.

You will receive your TimeVerseNFT purchase directly in your wallet right after the pre sale, which will be on the 27th January 2022, but before our public sale.

As we want to give everyone the same chances to mint a TimeVerse Date we have set a limit of 10  NFT’s each wallet address.

We want to make the minting process as convenient as possible for our future minters. You’ll be able to mint through MetaMask on your mobile. 

Our rarity system has a section of its own on our website so we kindly refer you to this page.

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The easiest way to reach us is through our Discord channel and on Twitter. Our team is active across multiple time zones so we’ll always be there to help and answer any questions you have, no matter the time. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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